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This power supply is intended to power 24VDC Locomotive and Marine systems. Operating input Voltage is 43-85VDC.

Typical uses for this converter is.

-24VDC Electric Windshield Wiper Systems (Will power two wipers motors)

-Electronic Control Module (Engine ECM) that run on 24VDC

-Any other 24VDC output, inductive/resistive, 400 Watt load.


The small packaging allows easy installation in the Control Stand, HEP cabinet, High Voltage Cabinet and Shortnose.

It comes complete with low voltage dropout protection set 29VDC  and can run continuously with zero load, no minimal load required.

Input Voltage range is 30-90VDC with a 30 sec under-voltage protectection for ECM startup  cranking voltage droop.


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